What makes Game X Change different?

Game X Change is known for 3 things:

  1. Paying the most cash or store credit for our customers’ unwanted items
  2. Offering the best value and variety in new and used games, electronics, tech, smart phones, collectibles, trading cards, gifts, toys, music, movies, anime, and models, in the industry
  3. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff makes the buying or selling process enjoyable

Not just a video game store anymore, at Game X Change ® we BUY, SELL, and TRADE just about everything you could find in your home today. Since 1992, our entire business model has been based on  paying the most cash or store credit for your stuff. Click here to get more info on what we buy and sell.

What do I need to know about selling stuff to GXC?

  1. Govt issued ID is required
  2. It’s fast and easy. Just bring your items to Game X Change. No appointment needed
  3. We pay the most for your stuff in the industry; it’s literally our business model
  4. You have the option to receive cash or store credit as payment for your stuff
  5. Some competitors look for reasons to NOT buy your stuff. At GXC we look for reasons TO BUY your stuff.
  6. To save time, please ensure items you wish to sell are in working order
  7. Make sure to charge items before bringing them in to sell
  8. Don’t forgot any components to avoid deductions
  9. It’s not required, but we appreciate it when items have been cleaned and organized
  10. We erase and reformat all devices. Be sure to backup and remove any personal information before selling to GXC
  11. Time and money savers for you:
    1. Verify the items you plan to sell are in good working order before bringing them in to sell
    2. Charge devices you plan to sell
    3. Don’t  forget any components. We still buy most items without the components but there may be a deduction in what we can pay you.

Do you buy games without cases, lightly scratched discs, dirty items, or consoles without controllers?

  1. Yes we buy games without cases, however, we prefer you bring in disc based games with the case
  2. Yes we will still buy items that are a little dirty and discs with light scratches. Only non-working stuff is turned away
  3. Yes we buy consoles without controllers and cables, however, there will be slight deduction from the payout price.

Do you pay cash for my stuff and what is store credit?

  1. Not only do we pay cash for your stuff, but we pride ourselves in paying the most in the industry
  2. Store credit is the same as cash when used to purchase items at Game X Change. Store credit is a popular choice when selling to Game X Change because you typically get 20-30% more value for your trade

What items do you buy?

How long does it take to sell my items?

The average time it takes to sell items is about the same as a buying transaction

Factors that contribute to how long it takes to sell items include:

  1. Day and time of the week.Weekends and holidays are busier. Weekdays are not as busy
  2. The amount and type of items. Some items will require testing. Higher valued collectibles and music may need the value verified
  3. Organized items by category type will help speed up the process

How do you determine what to pay for my stuff?

  1. We do not determine pricing based on current stock. If we have 500 of an item in stock, we will still pay you the full amount
  2. We factor in the demand, supply, various pricing services and competitor pricing data to determine what we buy and sell items for

Are items you sell guaranteed? What is the return policy?

  1. YES! Most items come with a 90 day guarantee. For electronics 30 days.
  2. Defective items can be exchanged for the same item.
  3. If the same item is out of stock, stock credit for the amount of purchase will be issued. No cash refunds
  4. For games we offer a buy & try period of 24 hours. If you don’t like the game, return it to exchange for another title. One per person per day.

Do I need an ID to sell my stuff to you?

Yes, a government issued ID is required

Do you offer repairs and service?

  1. All stores offer disc resurfacing
  2. Select stores offer repairs. See store for details

Do you offer layaway?

  1. Yes! We require 30% of purchase price as a deposit
  2. Layaway items must be paid off within 6 weeks or the items will be restocked.

Do I need to make a reservation to sell stuff to you?

The only time we recommend a reservation is for very large trades. See store for details.

How do I apply for a job?

Complete the job application or apply in person.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes. They never expire and can be used at any Game X Change

Where do I sign up to receive updates about Game X Change?

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